What is KoHub?

We have discovered what we believe to be the most liveable location in the tropics and set up a productive and fun coworking community with fast internet and wifi.

Ideal for Entrepreneurs, Digital Nomads, Startup Retreats, Workations and Camps. Located next to Long Beach on the beautiful and peaceful island of Koh Lanta, Thailand.


Our Connectivity

Unlimited Wi-fi
(100 Mb/s Down | 30 Mb/s Up)

+ second 50 Mb/s Fiber Backup line
Mains power is earthed
& laptop friendly.
Universal plug adapters.
Back-up power generator onsite.


The Coworking Space

Comfortable desks & chairs 
Large open Deck
Lush Tropical Garden
Three A/C rooms
Lounge & rest areas
Team/Retreat Rooms
Printer, Scanner & Copier
Free coffee, tea, water
Day time lockers

Coliving Accommodation

The comfortable and fun KoHUB Apartments offers coliving for individuals and small groups of KoHubbers. We have private A/C rooms with bathroom incl hot shower and fridge. We are located a quick walk from the beach and a 15 min walk or 2 min scooter to KoHub. We have communal spaces, including a roof top terrace, with views of the ocean and mountain jungle. A perfect complement to Tropical Coworking. Enquire Now

Coworkation Packages

We do all the hard work and offer full coworkation packages, non-stop, all year around. Combining accommodation, food, coworking and community. There really isn’t anything left for you to do, except turn up, have fun and be productive. Read more

Communal Lunch

A great time to sit down in the courtyard with your fellow KoHubbers and meet new friends.

Read more about our community here

Group facilities

We have great options for larger groups, teams and companies who are looking for an inspirational place. Bring your group for a productive break and benefit from an amazing work/life balance. Read more

Always Open

KoHub is open all year, 24 hours a day. So you can hit those deadlines or collaborate with your home country.

I had a fantastic time at Kohub. You can’t beat the location, at only a two minute walk from a tropical beach. Imagine taking a late afternoon break, swimming in the warm and calm sea, watching the amazing sunset, then getting right back to work.
The kitchen on-site offers a great selection of healthy, tasty food and drinks. I have met remarkably interesting people at the communal lunches that you can sign up for each day.
Moreover, the internet is great, the staff is very hands-on and accommodating and the island is fascinating to explore in your free time.

Ben Lenarts

It’s hard to imagine going to another co working space and feel how i do after spending time at Ko Hub. It’s the perfect balance between a solid work environment and a great community.
First thing’s first – Ko Hub has a blazing fast internet connection for an island. Meticulously maintained by James – he ensures that you’re always able to get online. So much care is taken to ensure the connection is stable… Even when the (very very rare) island wide power outages happen for 5 minutes or so – the Wifi stays operational with its battery powered backup system. Perfect for the 30 seconds before the Ko Hub backup power generator is turned on.
Regular social events ensure that you are presented with endless opportunities to meet likeminded people. James is an excellent host and will usually go above and beyond to help in any way he can (within reason!).
Awesome well priced lunches are served at the same time each day. Cooked in house by a local chef – it’s tasty food and a really great way to meet other members.
I will certainly be returning to this amazing island – and the fact that Ko Hub exists is a huge part of the reason i want to come back.

Scott Scott

I really enjoyed our (me and 2 other team members) 3 week stay – actually so much we would have liked to stay longer but we had tickets booked to the next place. Kohub was a great place to work with fast internet. You can work inside in a ac room or outside in a lovely terrace with fans. It was a great place to work but the best thing was the community, so many lovely people! If you want to concentrate only to work you can – but if you wish you can attend the evening events and get lots of new friends! If you are traveling alone and like to meet people this place is for you!

Katri Björklund


Loved working at Kohub! The cost was fairly inexpensive ($150/mo) for what you get. Free coffee & tea, A/C working areas, and a HUGE outdoor working space. I loved getting to work outside!
They also really get it right as far as creating a community goes. Something about the space just makes it easy to talk to others, and it helps that the staff are super friendly and always up for chatting and hanging out. I made so many good friends and connections through my time at KoHub – something you can’t get just working from coffee shops all day! Can’t wait to go back!

Stephanie Danforth

5 weeks ago I thought I will spend a few lonely weeks on an island, focus on my work and enjoy the beach. But all that changed the moment I entered the co-working space kohub in Koh Lanta.
From the first moment on I felt a connection to this place and the people. In the following weeks many inspiring encounters, discussions, workshops, mini-adventures, dinners & breakfasts, pool-parties followed.
We are all individuals, travelers, entrepreneurs, digital nomads with a shared mindset and largely similar values. I feel so lucky that I had the opportunity to meet all of you. Let’s stay in touch.

Heinz Grünwald


Wow, I really love this coworkingspace! The relaxed atmosphere, cute cats and great community make it one of the best tropical offices in Asia. The location is awesome, close to the beach and the food you can order is very good at a fair price. Of course the Wifi is good as well.

Moniek Verlaek

This is a great atmosphere for location independent digital nomads. I really hope that I can spend more time in creative places like this. So far I love this place and I will be back to get to know many of the entrepreneurs diligently working on their projects.

PJ Entreprenuer

The friendliest, most family-like coworking space I’ve ever tried. Great Internet speed, a 5 minute walk to the beach, good lunches, and very non-cliquey. The owner, James, goes out of his way to help you have a great experience on Lanta and is a wealth of local knowledge.

Daniel Genser

KoHub is the perfect ‘work destination’ for traveling entrepreneurs. In addition to the prerequisites (plenty of space, fast wifi, COFFEE), KoHub has managed to crack the code in fostering an authentic, organic community of remote workers.
There are very few places in the world where it is possible to arrive and instantly be surrounded by friends. KoHub makes that the norm, and has convinced me to regularly visit Lanta for the foreseeable future.

Nick Danforth

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KoHub – Koh Lanta, Southern Thailand

Join a friendly community of start-ups, entrepreneurs, writers, designers, web developers and programmers, at our comfortable and collaborative digital nomad coworking space.

KoHub Southern Thailands first coworking space. We are situated on the beautiful tropical island of Koh Lanta, off the southwestern coast of Thailand.

We’re two hours by road and two ferries from Krabi, a five hour drive from Phuket, a lovely passenger ferry trip from Phuket or Phi Phi,  a 1.5 hour speedboat trip from Phuket or 40 min speed boat trip from Phi Phi.

How to find us | Where to stay



KoHUB - Thailand

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