After a long time in planning and building of a relationship with the local Phra-Ae school, we finally achieved our first KoHub english assistance session on Tuesday.

A big thank you to Phr-Ae school for offering time for one of our members to gain a wonderful experience. Also thanks to Michael for helping out and making the most of this great opportunity.

The relationship began earlier in the year following a KoHubber initiative to raise money for much needed tables and chairs in the local school.

When we visited the school we started a conversation with the English teachers and a seed was planted, which with the help of our local western contact Aruna and organisational skills of new KoHub Community leader Nook we created a format that would work and would be accepted with cultural guidelines for KoHubbers.

We felt it was very important to take our time to make sure we observed local traditions and cultures to make sure we could create a sustainable future between us.

The children were very excited by the time, they normally have 20 people per class, but on that day there were some more children interested in joining the class. Some of them really were engaged and tried to responded to questions in English.

The Thai children are quite shy normally when speaking wit foreigners. So, we need more time to make them feel comfortable and speak more confidently.

The feedback from the Principle and the English Teacher is positive and they were very cooperative. We will await more feedback from the school and the parents. But signs look good and they seemed very happy to have us around and looking forward to next time.

We plan to follow this up with regular weekly lessons, if you are a KoHubber and you want to help out and give something back and learn a bit more about Thai culture please contact Nook to arrange a time.

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