To sign up for the promotion, go to the members area and use the Promotions Tab.



Our team are constantly monitoring the flight deals to KoHub. Check them out here.


Terms of Promotion

  1. Time can be used anytime after the 1st November 2017 – and does not expire.
  2. KoHub will stay open all year 24/7 and during the move period.
  3. New KoHub will stay in Long beach just a short walk north from the current space.
  4. Membership is for one person only.
  5. The membership time cannot be split. e.g. if you buy 1,2 or 3 months, these are to be used as consequtive calendar months.
  6. Free Credit can be used for any food, drink & fridge item.
  7. Free Credit cannot be refunded, transferred or exchanged for money.
  8. Free Credit never expires.
  9. Can be purchased as a gift.


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