Fresh and Healthy Juices

Tasty Western and Thai Salads

Authentic Thai meals, Fusion food and Breakfasts

KoHub’s Menu ordering System

At KoHub we continuously consider what our members need to be comfortable and productive. We have spent a long time creating a proprietary online ordering system, so food/drink/snacks can be ordered and delivered directly to your desk!

Let us do all the hard work so you can maintain concetration levels and be productive.

Alternatively you are welcome to join us for our regular communal lunches or use our lovely courtyard to eat and meet your fellow KoHubbers.

KoHub Food Testimonials

The food at Kohub is really delicious as well, they have nutritious smoothies and vegetarian options. I would recommend this place to any other nomad with out a doubt.

July 2016 - Barbara on

The community Lunch as well as the dinner and after work beers with the other KoHubbers were just awesome. Will be back soon.

July 2016 - Yvonne on

What I really liked about KoHub is that they have really delicious food that they prepare freshly and deliver right to your desk.

July 2016 - Katarzyna on

Amazing people and like minded come to Kohub, it was my first experience at a coworking space for a period of time. Kohub didn’t disappoint, with amazing food and friendly staff.

July 2016 - Denise on

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