Koh Lanta Social Impact Projects

KoHub is constantly involved in social and local community projects on Koh Lanta.

Here are our current projects we run to offer KoHubbers opportunities to help out, integrate and get an introduction to the culture here on Koh Lanta.

KoHub & Phra-Ae school english assistance initiative

Local children of Phra-Ae school are in need of emglish immersion at a young age to help develop their English language skills. KoHub has a system in place to provide a culturally acceptable platform for it’s members to help give back to the local community they call home here on Koh Lanta

We plan regular weekly sessions, if you are a KoHubber and you want to help out and give something back and learn a bit more about Thai culture please contact reception to arrange a time.

In the future we look to help with basic computer skills as well.

Trash Hero Bottles

Trash Hero sustainable bottles on Koh Lanta are available at KoHub and island wide. Also as part of the deal, over 60 free refill stations are located all over the island. This is helping steady the problem with un-recyclable plastic on the island.

KoHub is the distribution centre for the local Trash Hero Bottle scheme and we also offer them for sale at reception. So buy yours today and help remove this plastic menace from the island.

Trash Hero Weekly Beach Cleanups

Every week in front of KoHub, Trash Hero organise weekly beach cleanups on Long Beach. Every KoHubber is invited to pop down and help keep this island beautiful.

Every Sunday at 4pm in Phra-Ae park

AsaLanta – Sustainable academy

Our partners down in Klong Nin offer an incredible experience in learning sustainable building.

Every week we get a group together from KoHub and go down for an introductory half-day. Talk to Nook at reception to sign up.

Open all the time to walk-ins as well. See herefor more information.

Sea Grass Planting Trip

This is a half day trip we take with local fishermen to explore the mangroves and learn about the ecosystem. During the trip we have the opportunity to help plant sea grass.

Sea Grass is often known as the “Lungs of the sea” and is pivotal to the ecosystem, it is a great natural filter and acts as a nursery for many juvenile fish. By planting sea grass beds, we help to revive depleted regions that rely on this foundation for survival.

Mai Ao Thun

Say no to unnecessary plastic bags on Koh Lanta and help turn the tide of unwanted rubbish, that is very hard to dispose of on a tropical island.

Use the thai phrase “Mai Ao Thun” the next time you are shopping and they offer you a plastic bag.

More Local Charities and Social Projects

Krabi Elephant Sanctuary

This local charity is doing some amazing work helping to create a home for old, abused, blind and retired elephants from the tourist and logging industry.

They often need help to fundraise for this elephant home and spread the word about the project.

Check out this amazing local project.

Local Orbitor and Government Initiatives

Koh Lanta is very proud to be one of the greener role model islands of Thailand. The local government are constantly active in promoting and funding excellent initiatives to combat the inevitable problems tourism can bring.

Check out the video to see one of their greatest achievements that help this beautiful island stay on top of waste that comes from natural economic growth.

Other Koh Lanta Information and initiatives

Lanta Eco News – An Eco orientated blog promoting and celebrating all things Eco on Koh Lanta.

Testimonials of the english assistance initiative

I’d really encourage anyone working at Kohub to give this a go. I was quite nervous at first because I’m not a language teacher, but just decided to give it a go in the spirit of collaboration.

Everyone seemed to benefit from the experience, thanks to Nook, the Collaboration Manager. She introduced us to the kids and gave us structured and simple teaching tasks for us to give to the kids, which made it fun, productive and way less scary. I’ll definitely be going back next week.

Dave Cook

Director, What People Want

I know like many out there, I am one of those people, that say..I’m not good with kids, or good at teaching, or something of that nature. That is OK, because thankfully you are in good hands. Nook is an excellent teacher and she has a plan! The kids are so eager to learn it doesn’t matter what you say or do they are going to enjoy this time and you will too.


Web Designer

Today I had a fantastic experience spending an hour with local School Kids in a nearby School.

We played a number of simple English word games, to help get the kids used to speaking English out loud e.g. cat, hat, bat.

The kids were a great bunch and it was so much fun to see what words they knew and that they were all clearly enjoying the time we spent with them.

Myself and the 3 other KoHubbers left with big smiles on our faces, I highly recommend speaking to Nook and contributing to a future class, it’s a great uplifting way to start the day.

James Wright

Testimonials on Sea Grass Trip

Who knew planting sea grass would be so much fun? I didn’t expect it to be such a wonderful experience and had a great time. The whole trip is full of unexpected events that you will surely appreciate having gone. The seagrass is located in the middle of the bay and its really surreal to through the sandy mud and look all around to see nothing but ocean. This is a great trip that and am really grateful to have gone on.


Web Designer

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