KoHub Package Terms

  1. The booking deposit is non refundable and not transferable, it is for the package only and for example cannot be used for future accommodation, membership or food.
  2. Because we require to book your room, we need your day of arrival. If you arrive later than this date then you can still use the room until the original checkout date.
  3. Postponement or cancelation of a room booking is subject to availability, if we have no bookings for the same period then we cannot offer a refund.
    *However – if after cancelation we can rebook the room with another booking then we will be able to offer a full refund only for the period that is covered by the new booking. In this case the refund will be made when the new booking is completed.
  4. If you arrive late for a stay and we are fully booked afterwards, you can only stay for the time left in the booked period of time. e.g If you book a month and are a week late this will be 3 weeks.
  5. The room, coworking and the two included meals cannot be used in advance or postponed and are not transferable to another party.
  6. If we have to use alternative accommodation we will let you know and the price might vary. In the condition you are not staying in our accommodation then we cannot offer refunds on booking deposits.
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