Traveling is not just about going to the beach, visiting sights and trying all the local food. It’s the people that make a place unique. I’m not just talking about meeting other travellers on the road, it’s also about leaving your digital nomad bubble, getting in touch with the local community and experiencing a country from a different point of view.

That is why a couple of KoHubbers went to visit the Pra-Ae School. We were shown around by one of the English teachers, who was happy to answer all of the our questions. We talked about the school, the classes, the Thai school system and much more .


In each class there are between 40 to 50 pupils and they just  built an additional building for the school to accommodate more students (the construction work was financed by the Thai government). But a new building also needs new furniture, so Koh Lanta local Aruna started a campaign for the local businesses to help fund table by table to reach an initial goal of 120. KoHub donated what it could and then one KoHubber Sara took it upon herself to collect money within our community to donate to the school. In total we managed to fund nine tables and chairs for the school.

By now the school has almost obtained all the desks they required, but still some other things are missing. Just one of the rooms at school is air-conditioned, while most of the others rooms don’t even have a fan. So the plan is to collect more money for new fans and make learning in this heat a little bit easier.


We felt very welcomed at the school and had a good time talking with the teachers. So some expressed their wish to come back and volunteer at the school a  few hours per week, when school starts again at the middle of April. There is nothing set up yet, but we would be happy, to get the opportunity to work together in the future. Teaching the kids English and help them to improve their computer skills.

There is already the option to volunteer at one of the other schools in Koh Lanta, the Global Village School. Ryan, from KoHub, volunteered there once a week to help the students with improving their English.

The Future Plans of KoHub in the community

Koh Lanta’s educations system generally ends at the age of 16, from then on children generally seek employment from the local tourism industry or work for family businesses, some get education off the island however many do not come back and seek work in the bigger cities or overseas.

There is a distinct lack of possibilities for local children, so KoHub is planning an ambitious project to host Thai translated courses in WordPress for local children and give them the opportunity to learn how to design and produce websites. These skills can be utilised for island sourced web development for local businesses or to further the children’s career prospects..

For more information contact James.

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