7 ways for digital nomads to stay fit in Lanta – for free!

Date Published: 2015-05-21

When leaving your daily routines back home and relocating to a tropical island you may be so distracted with this new lifestyle that you forget about your weekly exercising. Therefore we present a selection of fun, free activities which may help you to stay active while staying on Koh Lanta. Of course, you might want to consider signing up to the local gym or attend some yoga sessions too!

1. Go for long runs at the beach

Long beach is approximately 3km long and therefore the perfect place for beach joggers. Start around 5.30 for an amazing run into the sunset

2. Play tennis

At KoHub we have tennis rackets for members to borrow. Team up with another kohubber and let the match begin!

3. Use resistance bands

Resistance bands are a travellers best friend as they are light and take little space in the luggage. However, we do have a pair in the garden at KoHub so feel free to use them!

4. Go boxing

Maybe feeling a little frustrated? No worries, get all your frustration out on KoHubs boxing bag, and get fit at the same time!

5. Play beach games

Whats better than working your tan, having fun with friends and getting fit at the same time? At KoHub we have a selection of Frisbee and paddle ball. Get the whole Hub engaged and go for ultimate Frisbee competition, guaranteed fun!

6. Go swimming

With the ocean a mere 5 minutes walk away, you have no excuse for not going for a swim. Get your goggles and swim the whole long beach. Some of our bravest kohubbers have tried, are you up for the challenge?

7. Do some stretching

Nothing is better for the body than doing some stretching after a long day in front of the computer. Find a quiet spot, maybe invite some kohubbers and do some stretching either in the garden at KoHub or maybe at the beach?

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