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We work tirelessly with all our local internet providers to provide you with the best possible internet on Koh Lanta, which we feel is the best in Thailand, let alone on our small island! Providing top metro speeds on a tropical island.

We have three fibre optic connections from different providers to try to guarantee our internet never goes down.

Our total bandwidth is well over 1 Gbps download and 500 Mbps upload. Our speed tests on WiFi see us constantly going over a solid and stable 300 Mbps down and 300 Mbps up with low ping times down to an incredible 6ms. Here is a link to a speed test.

Because we know many of you techies have special requirements, we work very closely to ensure that all your software can communicate. We also have a static IP address for those that need it, for instance to keep server connection tests alive. In general, we like to help fix any problems – we are open to do everything we can to make sure your internet is rock solid.


Real world test results using KoHub WiFi

We want to be sure you are confident in our real world speeds and reliability, below we tested some common countries to show the performance spanning across the world. The reason we do this is because speeds will reduce in real cases when the connection passes through other networks after leaving Thailand.

These examples show a connections bandwidth, this is not a shared bandwidth, this is a per connection test. So in theory everyone will get the same speed for this location.

For example for Hulu, Hangouts & Skype HD Video calls the required per connection bandwidth is 2.0 Mbps (upload & download) for HD [reference]. As you can see all tested destinations had more than sufficient bandwidth and ping times to perform flawless HD Video calls. Trust us, when there is a problem, it is normally on the other end!

Note: Speeds will vary dramatically, this is the nature of the internet, but we are confident we will give you the best connection possible in Thailand and especially in the South of Thailand and Koh Lanta!

Destination Test City Country Download Upload Ping Link to test
Nakhon Si Thamarat Thailand 302.03 Mbps 307.63 Mbps 6 ms speed test result
Singapore Singapore 182.07 Mbps 204.61 Mbps 41 ms speed test result
Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 223.46 Mbps 241.55 Mbps 46 ms speed test result
Bali Indonesia 42.42 Mbps 26.18 Mbps 71 ms speed test result
Manila Philippines 122.09 Mbps 221.38 Mbps 92 ms speed test result
Tokyo Japan 136.47 Mbps 205.67 Mbps 110 ms speed test result
Amsterdam Holland 61.05 Mbps 24.52 Mbps 188 ms speed test result
London England 61.11 Mbps 12.65 Mbps 214 ms speed test result
Sydney Australia 127.61 Mbps 19.15 Mbps 215 ms speed test result
Prague Czech Republic 32.02 Mbps 10.38 Mbps 222 ms speed test result
Berlin Germany 90.25 Mbps 15.47 Mbps 222 ms speed test result
Moscow Russia 95.69 Mbps 8.85 Mbps 250 ms speed test result
Vancouver Canada 210.43 Mbps 16.86 Mbps 250 ms speed test result
Los Angeles USA 37.87 Mbps 15.93 Mbps 244 ms speed test result
New York USA 74.96 Mbps 6.37 Mbps 291 ms speed test result

*All tests were performed at daytime hours using KoHub WiFi 5Ghz.


We have industrial UPS (uninterrupted power supply) unit on all our networking equipment which gives our network a 3-4 hour backup. This means that our internet doesn’t go down if the mains power fails. For longer power cuts we employ generators.

We have two back up generators, so if mains power goes down, we can turn on our generators. There might be few minutes when there is no power as switch over, so make sure you’ve always got some charge on your devices. Once the generator’s on, we can power fans, lights, computers, but the AC will be off until the mains power is back on. The Network will never go down as it is constantly protected by two UPS units.

Building electrics are earthed, and we provide power boards with surge protection.

Whilst we have done all we can to keep power on, keep internet connections solid, and protect from electricity surges, we can’t take any responsibility for any damage to equipment or loss of data due to internet or power disruption.

Open 24 hours a day 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year

The reception is open and staffed from 9am to 6pm, so on your first visit please come between these hours so we can welcome you, get you all set up and settled.


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