Koh Lanta Beaches and Towns

There are many beaches on Koh Lanta, the further south you travel the more remote they become:

Saladan – Lanta’s main town and arrival point for most ferries, Saladan has many sotres, including Lanta Mart the largest grocery store on the island and a lovely array of stilted restaurants overlooking the sea.

Klong Dao Beach – The first large beach, this is primarily booked by families, there is less parties here and more traditional sun soaked holidays.

Kaw Kwang Beach – a small beach farthest North on Lanta Yai, this quaint sheltered beach is the home to a few resorts.

Long Beach – the main beach and the biggest, this beach is host to a wide mix of tourists, restaurants, bars and hotels. It also has a large backpacker population.

Relax Bay – a very small beach with a few boutique hotels and hut style resorts, this can be a nice escape from tourism in a good location.

Klong Kong – The next Beach Down, Klong Kong beach is much more laid back than the previous long beach and starts to see Lanta of old. Still a very big beach, it features small spread out resorts and bars. There is quite a good night life here, with many classic beach bars partying the night away.

Klong Nin – This is a smaller beach with a strip of restaurants on the beach and home to the reggae bar. South of here places start to get more wild.

Kantiang Bay – When of the furthest south beaches, Kantiang is home to Pimalai resort and some niche restaurants and bars, this is like a small village in itself, away from the rest of Lanta.

Klong Jark – The last beach before the national park, there are only 1-2 resorts here and its very wild still. Perfect for a stop on an island driving tour.

Koh Lanta National Park – At the southernmost tip of the island is the National Park, home to a walking track and beautiful beach, the national park is a great destination as a part of a driving tour around the island.

Old Town – On the east coast, nestled down in the south, is Old Town. A sea gypsy village, now featuring many nice restaurants over looking the sea on stilts. A great day out and place to chill and enjoy a different side of Koh Lanta.

Festivals / Events on Koh Lanta

Loy Rua (Floating Boat Festival)


Chao Ley Village

The sea gypsy version of Loy Katong. Around the end of October the village men will build a symbolic boat and place wooden statues of themselves in it along with nail clippings, hair and popped rice. By performing this ritual, they ask for forgiveness from the sea gods and of any offenses they have made to the sea. It is believed that all evil is carried away in the symbolic boat.

Loi Krathong (Floating Raft Festival)

November 21st

Old Town

Around the full moon in November, the Thai people build tiny rafts filled with flowers and incense and set them afloat. The act of floating away represents letting go of grudges, anger and defilements. A fresh start. A beautiful event.

Laanta Lanta


Lanta Old Town

Usually around March the annual cultural festival held in Lanta Old Town, highligts the island communities. The festival brings music and arts from all around Thailand. It is a must go.

Song Kran

April 13th

Everywhere on Ko Lanta

Thai New Year from 13-15th April washes away the old year by pouring water on other people and ring in the new year with a cool heart. Whole villages come out in force with buckets and super soakers filled with water. Prepare to get wet!

Koh Lanta Local Food Markets


The markets on Koh Lanta move everyday, here is a list of the weekly schedule and where to find them:

Monday – Klong Dao

Tuesday – on the crossing road to Khao Yai restaurant

Wednesday – under the bridge to Lanta Noi

Thursday – Pra Ae (near relax bay)

Friday – on the crossing road to Khao Yai restaurant

Saturday – Saladan

Sunday – Old Town (special morning market)

Every market starts at around 1-2 PM

Only Sunday market is a morning market.

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