Covid-19 Coronavirus Update.

It is advised to stop all non-essential travel within Thailand or to Thailand until further notice.

Update. 19th May 2020.

KoHub will reopen with strict safety measures on 19th May 2020.

  • Mandatory temperature check on entry
  • Mandatory 20 second hand wash with soap on entry
  • Alcohol hand sanitizer will be available for free
  • People are to be at a distance of at least 1 meter apart at all times
  • All customers and staff must wear masks
  • Regular Cleaning will take place, especially on frequently used items like door handles etc.

Conditions of opening:

  • The space will not be open 24hrs a day because of curfew. We will be open from 7am-10pm every day.
  • All previously paused memberships will resume from 19th May 2020. If anyone has left the island we can postpone the membership.

Update. 1st June 2020.

Koh Lanta is now open to the public, but everyone who is not resident on the island must present a form and download the MorChana App at the checkpoint.

Important Note.

We will close if it becomes too unsafe or immediately without notice if we are requested to by the governemnt.

Because this is a Pandemic case we will look to survival as a community, so we will follow our terms and have a no refund policy, however all Memberships will be postponed in the case of forced closure due to a Pamndemic like Covid-19 and can be restarted when the situation improves, postponed memberships and packages in this situation are valid to be claimed at any time and will not expire.

KoHub ultimately can decide to allow access or not of any member to the space under any circumstances. We take the safety of our community and staff seriously above everything else.

The KoHub Team.

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