Covid-19 Coronavirus Update.

Update. 19th May 2020.

KoHub reopened with strict safety measures on 19th May 2020 to people within Thailand.

  • Mandatory temperature check on entry
  • Mandatory 20 second hand wash with soap on entry
  • Alcohol hand sanitizer will be available for free
  • People are to be at a distance of at least 1 meter apart at all times
  • All customers must wear masks on entry
  • Regular Cleaning will take place, especially on frequently used items like door handles etc.

Conditions of opening:

  • The space will not be open 24hrs a day because of curfew. We will be open from 7am-10pm every day.
  • Update 15th June 2020: With the lifting of the curfew we will again be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • All previously paused memberships will resume from 19th May 2020. If anyone has left the island we can postpone the membership.

Update. 1st June 2020.

Koh Lanta is now open to the public, there is no curfew and inter-province travel is now possible without checks.

Update. 15th June 2020.

Due to demand, we decided to update our community publicly here with common questions we are asked.

Update. 1st August 2020.

The entrance requirements have been updated and Thailand is now 10 weeks without a local infection.

Update. 29 Sept 2020

Latest plans are currently for a trial 9 Month Visa, including 14 day quarentine for Tourists this winter. An article in the Thaiger explains in detail.

The next step seems to indicate that they will reduce quarentine times to 7 days in November if the first month goes ok, read the article here.

The Thaiger news website has an interesting up to date article on most of the information for Tourists in one place , read more here.

Apparently applications can be made through an agency such as Thai Long Stay. But we are unsure of the exact process and of the validity of this.

What happened so far in Thailand?

Thailand had its first case on 13th January 2020, currently as of 16th September 2020 Thailand has had:

  • 58 deaths
  • 3,480 cases
  • 3,315 healed
  • 107 remaining active cases mostly Thai national repatriation cases who will stay in state quarentine until clear)

An overview can be seen using the dashboard:

How did Thailand respond?

Thailands contact tracing response was quick and regarded as very successful. All cases can be seen online:

Currently an independent review of response performance rating Thailand as #1 can be found here:

Thailand utilised, social distancing, mandatory mask, alcohol gel use and many over ways to control the spread.

More historical information can also be found here:

What happens now in Thailand? (as of 16th September 2020):

Currently only Thai repatriations and foriegners who are work permit holders, Elite Visa, Family Visa and some education visa holders are allowed to re-enter the country. No Tourist visas or visas on arrival are being accepted.

This can change at a moments notice as we have seen in the last 3-4 months.

Latest plans are currently for a trial 9 Month Visa, including 14 day quarentine for Tourists this winter. An article in the Thaiger explains in detail.

Lockdown restrictions in Thailand

We are now in the forth and final phase more can be read here:

Inter province travel restrictions have been lifted, so it is now possible for members to travel to Lanta to come to KoHub if you are already in Thailand.

KoHub is open 24/7 again and we will stay open until otherwise advised by the government.

We can help find local accomodation and our restaurant and cafe is open from 08:30-17:30 every day.

For help with bookings please email

Final Notes

Its hard for us to predict the future, but if there are no further infections in your country for 2-4 weeks, then our guess is travel will be possible, if flight can be arranged. But please understand these are our assumptions on how we interprit the data and information given to us and KoHub has no more knowledge than anyone else, nor can we be held responsible for any bookings or flights lost due to further escalations.

We have uptaed this page so you can find all the information in one place.

Travel insurance is tricky right now, our recommendation is check with Safety Wing's Remote Health and Safety Wing's Nomad Insurance (Valid for Covid-19 cover since August 1st 2020) are currently the only options we can find for nomads. If you sign up using our links it helps us during this time as they give us a little bonus.

We will update this webpage regurarly as and when we know more.

Important Additional note.

We will close if it becomes too unsafe or immediately without notice if we are requested to by the governemnt.

Because this is a Pandemic case we will look to survival as a community, so we will follow our terms and have a no refund policy, however all Memberships will be postponed in the case of forced closure due to a Pamndemic like Covid-19 and can be restarted when the situation improves, postponed memberships and packages in this situation are valid to be claimed at any time and will not expire.

KoHub ultimately can decide to allow access or not of any member to the space under any circumstances. We take the safety of our community and staff seriously above everything else.

The KoHub Team.

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