What is a Digital Nomad?

Date Published: 2019-08-06

Digital Nomad

A Digital Nomad is a modern day phenomenon, since globalistation started to pick up steam within the last decade new travel opportunities have been established for individuals who can fund themselves online.

Traditionaly when remotely operating, people might have been comfortable simply setup from home or a neighbourhood coworking space, now have the chance to pack their laptop and hit the road.

Together with these opportunities a support network has been established aroudn the world, so what is there to help this new movement?

1. Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces like KoHub on Koh Lanta, Thaiand, have popped up all over the world to help digital nomads and location independents alike find a dedicated space and community to create the backbone of their travels.

These are the core of the Digital Nomad network and often preceed the establishment of an area that becomes famous for nomad communities.

Here on Koh Lanta is a good example of this, before KoHub, Koh Lanta was an undiscovered island for digital nomads, but since it was established it has provided an excellent productive space and friendly, family like community for its new tourist visitors.

KoHub provides its community with regular events to meet like minded new friends and also to aid in exploring the tropical island and learning about the local culture, food and language. KoHub also likes to introduce its members to new restaurants, bars and many other things to do on the island.

KoHub also likes to innovate and first introduced the idea of coliving and coworking packages to the region in 2015, these all monthly inclusive packages have been refined over the years and help make it easy to relocate to the island with a few quick emails. Experienced staff can help with logisitcs for indivuals and groups make the journey. For more read here

KoHub also has many friends spaces around the world, you can read more about these here

2. Online communities

There are many online communities now, spanning social media groups on Facebook, to private groups like Nomad List as well as very niche groups like The Digital Nomad Girls, which cater to one specfic gender.

There are even remote travelling communities like:

All of which take small to medium groups together on a travel experience around the world.

3. Nomadic Insurance

What comes with a new digital nomad movement is often products that are redesigned and marketed to the niche of that group. Many things are often re-hased products that add no extra content or specific benefits to that tribe.

One thing we have found that was a previously unsolved problem of travelling for long periods on the road, was insurance, normally backpacker or long term insurance was available from home coutries for periods of up to 12-18 months. But after that the was a clear problem, the insured must travel home and often stay for a period of 6 months at home before qualifying for new travel insurance.

This is where Safety Wing have to come to the fore to fill the gap.

Safety Wing provide the ability to take travel out insurance on a subscription type basis, but most importantly, whilst still on the road!

They are very professional and are also administered by Tokio Marine and underwritten by Lloyds, so you have the added security and confidence of knowing you are well protected whilst on the road.

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