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KoHub is currently still open. For more information about how we are operating during the global situation click here. Please read them if you are thinking of coming to KoHub.
The space is located a short walk from Long Beach here
We’re open 24 hours a day 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year! The reception is open 8am to 6pm, so on your first visit please come between these hours so we can get you all setup and introduce the system for nighttime access.
We are close to the mainland so the internet on Koh Lanta is very fast. We have four fibre optic connections from different providers. These are setup to fail-over to make sure we always have internet. Our main inernet bandwidth is 1Gbps down and 500 Mbps up. No matter how many members we have onsite, our speed tests see us constantly going over 100-200 Mbps down and 100-200 Mbps up. Here is a link to a speed test. We have a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) unit on all our professional networking equipment. This means that our internet doesn’t go down if the mains power fails and then we run our generator. The internet is uninterrupted and with the generator, we can charge laptops as well. More info is available here
Power is pretty stable on Koh Lanta, and we only experience power cuts about once every month or so, and only for a couple of hours. We have a back up generator, so if mains power goes down our UPS provides power for the network until we turn on our generator. There will be several minutes when there is no power for the rest of the building as we go about the business of turning the generator on. Once the generator’s on, we can power fans, lights, computers, but the AC will be off until the mains power is back on. Building electrics are earthed, and we provide power boards with surge protection. Whilst we have done all we can to keep power on, keep internet connections solid, and protect from electricity surges, we can’t take any responsibility for any damage to equipment or loss of data due to internet or power disruption.
Just a short 5 minute walk from KoHub!
We rent 22-24 Inch full HD (HDMI) monitors for 100/400/1200 baht (day/week/month). Please ask at reception.
We get asked this all the time there is now only one company who offer insurance to people already on the road. Our top recommendation is Safety Wing, they are an insurance company set up specifically for Digital Nomads and are underwritten by Lloyds.
We have a partnership deal with Safety Wing so if you sign up with them using our link we will promise to put all the rewards straight back into the community and your space. Its a real win-win-win for everyone. Check them out.
No, you do not need to make a reservation in advance. If you are a big group traveling together, we would appreciate if you could drop us an email in advance.
We offer daily, weekly, 1 month, 2 month & 3 month passes. We do not have any memberships by the hour or half day. Our prices are geared up for long term membership, so we reccommend to get the best deal to take the monthly membership.
The daily pass is valid from the moment you buy it, until 8 AM the next morning. To get maximum value from your daily pass we recommend to come in early. But remember we are open 24 hours a day, however you must sign up before 6pm.
Yes, we have safety lockers at KoHub that can be used during the day. These are not permanent or overnight lockers and have to be cleared out by the end of the day.
In general we are a peaceful, but “chatty” space. We ask people to respect their neighbours space and to be aware of the volume when talking. If it is a long conversation we generally advise to find a comfortable space to do so.
For Skype calls and meeting areas KoHub has the following:
– Five booths throughout the space that can be used by all members with booking in advance.
– Many indoor areas, we are a large space and we have lots of places to break out for a call.
– Many outdoor areas, easy chairs, Skype Huts, Cafe.
No. We have plenty of space and there is always a chair and desk available.
Yes, we have 3 fully air-conditioned rooms as well as our outside spaces.
Please see the map below for an overview of the space.
We have games in the Cafe area, so you can relax, we can also organise a fun social event after hours.
We currently have a pool table, board games, a Nintendo Wii, PS4, projector and full-size table tennis (ping-pong).
We have members from all over the world, at last count from over 98 countries.
Scanning, Photocopying and Printing are free for up to five pages per member, beyond this, we charge a small fee for larger jobs per page.
Almost every day we run social activities so our members get a chance to meet each other. We are very famous for our warm and welcoming community and we try our best to make people feel at home here on our small island in paradise.
Examples of a typical week here:
Monday: Quiz time
Tuesday: Communal dinner
Wednesday: Movie night
Thursday: Communal lunch
Friday: Sunset Drinks on the beach
Saturday: Fun day out
Sunday: Games night.
Outside of these formal events our community themselves organise many meetups and fun get togethers and explore the island together. Often there are trips around the island, snorkelling & diving trips and many cultural events to take part in. We have a fun, warm and very welcoming culture at KoHub and there are always like minded people to meet.
If you are a returning Alumni member we sometimes have special deals to say thank you for supporting us over the years. If you want to see these you can log in to the system and check the Promotions section.
Note: A KoHub Alumni is defined as a returning member who has previously had a package membership or any membership greater than 1 month.

Koh Lanta

Thailand in general is a very safe place to be and within Thailand, Koh Lanta is one of the safest places to stay. Lanta has very low crime rates and mainly non-physical opportunistic attempts, for instance show some caution when leaving belongings on the beach after dark if you are going for a dip in the moonlight.
Lanta is a very family friendly island and also very comfortable for solo female travellers read here or here for some more information.
Obviously nowhere in the world is 100% safe, so please exercise some caution especially when driving scooters around the island.
You can exchange foreign currency at one of the at least four banks on Koh Lanta, two in Saladan, one in Klong Dao and one in Long Beach.
In the high Season: 8,000 (basic fan) – 40,000 (Modern Villa/Condo with pool & A/C etc) In the Green Season: Everything is about Half the price of High Season and available!
We can help with finding short and long term accommodation, talk to KoHub’s Polly. She can arrange almost anything out on the island you need.
Scooters are readily available all over the island. Make sure it has registration, licence & insurance. Daily rates are typically 200-300 baht a day (3,500-5,000/month). Honda Wave/Dream’s are your safest bet for old bikes, with regular servicing they seem to last forever!
We can arrange bikes for you here as well, contact KoHub’s Polly and she can help you out.
Green Season (May – Oct)
This time of year things quite down, the wind changes direction and with it brings some rain to the whole Andaman coast form the Indian ocean.
The whole island transforms from dry and dusty to wet and lush green.
Accommodation prices drop and some great apartments and villas become available to rent at amazing value!
This is potentially a great time of year for someone who wants good value for money living on a tropical Thai island, if you want less distractions and don’t mind a day of rain here or there!
KoHub will be open, so there will plenty of fellow KoHubbers around. Also you can get the whole beach to yourself! Dry Season (Nov – Apr)
Things start to pick up in high season, the weather will slowly start to change and by November we will see endless days of glorious sunshine.
With the weather brings tourism – room prices will rise and availability will drop, making it harder to find a good deal.
There is always somewhere to stay if you have the budget and some good local bargains can be found.
October/November is a good time to turn up to find a long term apartment deal, especially for those that want to stay for many months through high season.
Peak Season (Dec – Jan)
For a few weeks, especially Christmas and New Years Koh Lanta becomes very busy, finding a place to stay can be hard at this time, so book ahead It’s still a fun time of year to be on the Island, however if you plan to be here over this period for a long stay, make sure you find a place early. Options can be limited.
KoHub stays open all year round.
Check out our community video on the subject
More Info
There are 7-11’s all over the island and many local shops.
Bigger Stores
- Lanta Mart in Saladan: Offering the greatest range of products on the island.
- The ‘Freezer Shop’ on the left hand side driving to Saladan from Klong Dao: They have many frozen products, both local and some imports.
There are a few carriers on the island we recommend True (3G) and AIS (One To Call 3G). Depending on where you are on the island you will get different reception. Every year they fill the small gaps, but in general one of the two will get a good reception for keeping in contact. 3G plans in Thailand are bandwidth limited. Both AIS & True you can obtain SIM cards on the island very cheap (approx 100 Baht?), then you can pre-pay for 3G per month. See the provider websites for more details. Keep an eye on usage, because when you run out, they will knock you down to 0.1G! Still at those prices it is very affordable. AIS One To Call True Move 3G
We have a full menu at KoHub. We use high-quality ingredients and good portions. Our Thai meals are around 100-160 baht per person.
You can take the shared minivan from the airport which costs approximately 400 THB. You can purchase the ticket in the arrival hall at Krabi airport. The minivan departs every hour.
If you would like a more comfortable transfer, or you are arriving after 4pm at Krabi airport, we can organize a private pick-up for you. The price is 2,500 THB for a private taxi. Email us for more details.
Our team are constantly monitoring the flight deals out there and we have found some amazing deals if you book now
Thailand and Koh Lanta is a very child-friendly island and country.
We have Swedish School and an International School.
There is a nice group of ex-pats here as well that have their own facebook group, they arrange meetups for their children.
Finding child and babysitters is very easy to do as Thai people are naturally very family orientated and loving and caring for others children.
Each day the local market moves, here is a list of where it is each day:
Monday – Klong Dao
Tuesday – on the crossing road to Khao Yai restaurant
Wednesday – under the bridge to Lanta Noi
Thursday – Pra Ae (near relax bay, closes at sunset)
Friday – on the crossing road to Khao Yai restaurant
Saturday – Saladan
Sunday – Old Town (special morning market)
Every market starts at around 1-2 PM
Only Sunday market is a morning market.
Our space is relatively bug free, but we are located in a tropical country so we will always get some creepy crawlies.
Sometimes we get birds, frogs, lizards, geckos (and our resident cat) roaming around the garden. But this is part of the experience of tropical coworking and very safe.
We always get questions about mosquitos, so let us list what we do to help prevent them?
– We have 4 machines around the space that produce Co2 to mimik humans to trap moquitos very successfully.
– We fog/spray twice a month the whole garden and space (and now every week) to stop the lifecycle of the Mosquitos, normally most places do once a month, 5 star resorts do twice a week. So we do everything we can.
– We empty all standing water reguarly.
– The fountain has special treatment to stop any Mosquitos (so dont worry about that water)
– We spray two times a day to kill inside and the cafe them in dark spaces where they might live.
– We sell cost price repelent, a lot of free coils and some spray are all around the space, just ask staff if we run out of coils.
– We try to inform all new members this is a tropical country and please wear repellent when sitting outside.

Coliving - All inclusive packages and accommodation

Yes, our packages are very popular and book up well in advance. For all low-mid season bookings, we recommend booking at least in one month in advance, for High Season we recommend booking as far in advance as possible. Send us an email at with your inquiry and we will come back to you as soon as possible!
The KoHub apartments are located approximately 15 minutes walk (2 mins by scootre) from KoHub
See here on Google
The KoHub apartments are only rented out as a part of the package.
Yes, you may have your partner stay with you at the apartments. However, they will have to pay extra for food and coworking if they want to come to KoHub with you.
Two meals a day are included in the package. You can pick any meal you like from our menu.
We serve delicious healthy and authentic Thai dishes, breakfasts, classic western food, healthy Full Vegan and Vegetarian menus and even low carb menus!
We also serve fresh coffee, smoothies and fresh juices.
Our menu is varied and large enough for you to sample the best of local Thai cuisine.
We have many vegetarian and some vegan options. Most of our food can be ordered with Chicken, Vegetable or even Tofu.
The kitchen is open between the hours of 8 am to 5:30 pm and all the food can be ordered at your laptop and served directly to your desk in our space.
For more read here.

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