KoHub Coworking Membership

Membership gives you access to KoHub’s ultra fast internet and our welcoming community here on the tropical island of Koh Lanta, in Southern Thailand.

Membership prices are below.Start your membership by paying when you arrive.

Please email us an enquiry using the form below with any questions.

KoHub Membership

Prices From 1st December 2019.

Read more about our food included in the packages here.

1 Day 1 Week 1 Month 2 Months 3 Months
Price ฿400 ฿2,000 ฿6,500 ฿11,000 ฿15,000
Discount* - 30% off 45% off 55% off 60% off
Equivalent per day* ฿400 ฿285 ฿215 ฿180 ฿160

2 Meals a day package
(equivalent ฿250/day)

฿1,750 extra ฿7,000 extra ฿14,000 extra ฿21,000 extra
Full HD(HDMI) 22-24″ Monitor Rental ฿100 extra ฿400 extra ฿1,200 extra ฿2,000 extra ฿3,000 extra
USB Keyboard & Mouse Rental ฿20 extra ฿80 extra ฿240 extra ฿400 extra ฿600 extra
High speed internet
(1Gbps Fiber)
Free Tea/Coffee
Island Discount Card (up to 20%)
Daytime Locker


  • Food is two menu items per day (Incl an extra if under 160 bt)
  • Membership is for one person only it cannot be shared, borrowed, transferred, refunded, upgraded or paused.
  • Daily membership expires next day at 8am. Weekly expires in 1 week at 8am. Monthly expires in 1 calendar month at 8am.
  • *Because days in a month vary, equivalents & discount percentages are approximated and rounded and serve as example comparisons only.
  • Please read all the terms at kohub.org/terms

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