Koh Talabeng Cave Trip

Date Published: 2015-04-11

On a beautiful Saturday morning, six kohubbers (and a mascot) started the day with a longtail boat trip to the beautiful Talabeng islands. After reaching the island, we got our kayaks out on the water and started paddling along the scenic island. On the way we found a small, hidden beach where we went for a swim and enjoyed the peaceful nature.

After an hour or so of relaxing and having fun in the water, we got back on our kayaks and paddled towards the Talabeng cave. The cave was bigger than expected and it was great to cool down inside after paddling in the sun. Inside the cave there was a ladder which we could climb to continue exploring the cave. As it was dark and quite steep, only our most fearless digital nomad continued the climb up the dark cave which ends in a natural swimming pool.

After exploring the cave, we continued paddling to a nearby beach where our longtail boat came to pick us up. We then went by boat to the beautiful mangrove forest where we visited the locals; the monkeys. They were hungry and happy to see us as we had brought them some fruits. The baby monkeys were just adorable and fun to watch as they were playing in and around the water.

All in all it was great to take a well deserved day off from the coworking space, exploring the caves and the mangrove forest!

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