KoHub hosts an informal Koh Lanta gathering with the Co-founder of Trash Hero

Date Published: 2015-10-29

Trash Hero Talk

Last monday, KoHub hosted a talk from one of the Trash Hero Thailand Founders. Roman Peter, who started Trash Hero on Koh Lipe two years ago with some friends came over to Koh Lanta to talk about how it all began and how they made Trash Hero such a successful movement.

Most of you might be aware of the fact that plastic almost does not rot (considering that it takes about 500 years to decay). Hence, plastic causes a lot of trouble for our environment in general, but particularly for our oceans. Not to mention the longterm adverse health effects the use of plastic has on us. All different kinds of plastic trash is washed up on the beaches all over this world. And that’s how it all began: the Trash Hero founders just started with regular beach cleanups on Koh Lipe…involving increasingly more and more people, including locals, expats and tourists. They did an amazing job of raising awareness.

However, in the longrun, it’s more sustainable to try to avoid plastic in the first place. And that’s why the guys from Trash Hero came up with the idea of introducing reusable stainless steel bottles which can be refilled with water for free. Great idea! 🙂

Word spread of the movement, of beach cleanings, of reusable sustainable bottles and more regions and islands in Thailand and even Indonesia followed.

In the beginning of this year, Trash Hero also started on Koh Lanta and was an instant success having sold 2,000 bottles at the first attempt. With over 50 local businesses signing up to be distribution centers across the island and offer free water refills.

It was great to have Roman here to inspire us and to share his experience. A handful of committed islanders joined the talk to learn and discuss how to further proceed with Trash Hero initiatives and other ideas on environmental protection and raising awareness. We are happy and proud to be a part of it…and we’ll only say this much: clean ups on Lanta will start soon 😉

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