Lanta Scooter Tour

Date Published: 2015-11-11

The great thing about being at Kohub is always having friends to explore the Koh Lanta and surrounding islands with.

Last Sunday, 10 Kohubbers on 8 scooters set out on an adventure to a neighbouring island to explore the jungle a secluded beach, this was the plan.

As we made our way to the ferry port the weather was perfect, no clouds with 100% sunshine.

After a short ferry trip we arrived at the island, the surrounding nature was very luscious and serene as the green season is coming to a close. We continued down an off road path through the jungle which led us along a narrow path, it began to get bumpy and we considered turning back – but we wanted an adventure, so we continued down and were rewarded by passing some small villages and farms with young children running towards us to wave and say hello.

When we made it out of the jungle we saw a blue ocean on the horizon which seemed to promise a beach, we didn’t hesitate to drive directly towards this. We made arrived at a pier, although it was no beach it was still beautiful, not ideal for swimming though.

We took some photos and headed to another side of the island in search of a place to cool. After carefully driving down a dirt track we arrived at what we thought looked like an abandoned mansion overlooking the water. The weather began to change so we made our way back to the bikes to try and avoid the rain. As we were making our way up the dirt track the rain starting pouring down, we just had to laugh at the situation and keep driving through the now extremely muddy path. When we reached the ferry had all let out a sigh of relief that we had ‘made it’.

In the end it was a lot of fun, the excitement of not knowing what’s going to happen next is all part of a great adventure, that’s what we are all here to experience right? We finished the day off with some much needed comfort food at Patty’s Secret Garden.

We are already planning a trip back to find this secluded beach – weather permitting!

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