National Park Trip

Date Published: 2015-06-03

The weekend is here and it was time for KoHub to take a break from the space and take a trip to the Koh Lanta National Park.

12 mopeds and 16 digital nomads, headed down south for a fun packed trip. Passing all the beaches and driving through the twisting roads to the park. There everyone had time to explore, hike, wander, swim and avoid the pesky monkeys!

The road to the south takes you through some panoramic views of the island all the way down to the southern tip, marked by a lighthouse on a rocky outcrop on a peninsular. You can climb up to the lighthouse and look out on to the ocean. From up here its quite a lovely view of the island.

The beach in the National Park is a lovely crescent shaped beach. After a 1-2 hour hike around the national park it was the perfect place to cool off. We stayed there for a while and kept an eye on the curious monkeys, who seemed very keen on joining our group!

Afterwards we headed to Klong Jark beach, where we sat in a deserted ramshackle bamboo built restaurant and enjoyed one of the many secluded beaches. When tired of the relaxing we met up for a well deserved meal at Kwons Restaurant in Klong Kong for an awesome and tasty meal.

Quite a nice way to spend your day off from the coworking space!

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