Many people dream of working from a tropical island. However, only a few make that dream come true. There may be various reasons for that, but a lot of people might be deterred by the organisational effort:

Which island to choose?
Where to find the best wifi with good internet speed?
Where to find a community with like-minded people for sharing ideas and experiences and having fun with in leisure time?
Where can I eat local food without getting a little deli beli??
How to find a nice and affordable accommodation ideally located?
How much is this all going to cost me and what’s my budget for the month?

Here are some good news: all these logistical issues are no longer an excuse for not making your dream come true!

Switch your office to our beach!

It has never been easier to start operating remotely. All you need to do is to book your ticket, arrange your visa, come to Koh Lanta, lean back and let our friendly local crew KoHub take care of the rest!

Seriously? Yes!

Let’s go through this checklist you might have in mind…just in case you are still looking for excuses:

Tropical island? Yes, Koh Lanta with beautiful beaches, tropical forest, waterfalls…you could definitely call it a tropical island.

A beautiful day at long beach

Good wifi and internet speed? Yes, in the KoHub (and the KoHub apartments) we definitely have a good internet connection. For those interested in the technical details, just have a look in our FAQ section.

Working on the deck

A community with like-minded people? Yes, for sure! Entrepreneurs, digital nomads and remote workers from all over the world are always flowing through KoHub. It’ easy to take a break from travel and find people to collaborate with and share skills and knowledge, to make new friends while doing activities and be part of a new family including pets (yes, we have cats here! Rodger, Mini and Grumpy Cat say hello).


Local food? Yes, you can get food at the KoHub…and the best thing about it is, all our food is focused on healthy versions of authentic thai food. You can make it as spicy as you want! We also do communal lunches, which is a great way to meet your fellow Kohubbers.

Local products

Nice and affordable accommodation? Aaahhh…yes, saving the best for last: our newly opened KoHub apartments! Private accommodation with attached bathroom, air conditioning and fridge within walking distance to KoHub, living together with like-minded people in one building with a lovely rooftop terrace.

Soooo…and now, are you ready to go and to make your dream of tropical remote working come true?!?

Email us to find out more.

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