Koh Lanta Seasons

Green Season

(May – Oct)

This time of year things quite down, the wind changes direction and with it brings some rain to the whole Andaman coast form the Indian ocean. The whole island transforms from dry and dusty to wet and lush green. Accommodation prices drop and some great apartments and villas become available to rent at amazing value! This is potentially a great time of year for someone who wants good value for money living on a tropical Thai island, if you want less distractions and don’t mind a day of rain here or there! KoHub will be open, so there will plenty of fellow KoHubbers around. Also you can get the whole beach to yourself!


  • Everyday life continues for locals.
  • Almost all the supermarkets are open, the main supermarket closes once a week on Sundays. We also have a Tesco Lotus Metro open 7 days a week and all the corner shops and groceries shops/stalls that stay open.
  • The local markets still run, because they are not for tourists normally! 😉
  • Dive shops stay open more and more every year, big centres like Lanta Diver stay open all year.
  • Dive, Snorkel and island tours are restricted and dependent on weather.
  • Ferry to/from Phuket/Phi Phi is dependent on weather
  • The Car Ferry from Krabi mainland (including the airport mini van / taxi transfer) to Koh Lanta runs everyday. So you can get to the island no problems.
  • The weather is pretty much the same as Phuket & Phi Phi.
  • There is lots to do: Check out lanta.info for ideas.

High Season

(Nov – Apr)

Things start to pick up in high season, the weather will slowly start to change and by November we will see endless days of glorious sunshine. With the weather brings tourism – room prices will rise and availability will drop, making it harder to find a good deal. There is always somewhere to stay if you have the budget and some good local bargains can be found. October/November is a good time to turn up to find a long term apartment deal, especially for those that want to stay for many months through high season.

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