Speed networking at Kohub

Date Published: 2016-02-01

If it’s a tiny hidden beach in Thailand, watching the sunset from a rooftop bar in Brooklyn or walking through the streets of Lisbon, being a digital nomad offers us endless opportunities to explore the world. But a places is nothing without its people and often the moments we share with others are the ones we remember most. So whenever we pack our bag to move on to the next city, there is not only a new place waiting for us to be explored, we also constantly meet new people on the road. Especially here at KoHub we get together with a lot of like mined, inspiring people. But constantly meeting new people sometimes also means that we end up telling the same stories and asking the same questions all over again and let’s be honest this can be tiring.

We wanted to take conversations on a deeper level and decided to skip the small talk and host a “speed networking” event together with Nomad Soulmates. And what better place is there to do this than at the beach right before sunset? So this is what we did! We had put together some questions to talk that got beyond the usual “let’s get to know each other” talk.

While sitting on the beach with a drink in hand and a light breeze from the ocean, we talked in pairs of two about our passions, our fears, things that make us feel alive and many many more.

Every three minutes we changed partners and topics and got the chance to get to know each other on a completely different level. You think three minutes is not long enough? That is why we had dinner all together after the afterwards. Continuing our conversations and enjoying the night with the people we connected with during the speed networking.

One of the questions of the speed networking was “What do you feel grateful for?” Well, spending the evening on the beautiful island Koh Lanta on the beach during sunset while having good conversations with our fellow Kohubbers, is definitely something to put on that list.

A special thanks goes out to Aline from Nomad Soulmates, for helping to organise this event.

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