Ten tips for eco-conscious travelling entrepreneurs

Date Published: 2015-06-02

1. Be a trash hero!

The trash hero bottle project started in Koh Lipe and has later spread to Koh Lanta and Ao Nang as an initiative to reduce plastic waste. You can buy a trash hero bottle for 200 THB, and with the bottle you can get free drinking water at 59 water filling-stations on Koh Lanta. This project is possible thanks to eco-conscious business owners providing free water to trash hero´s! For more information about the project, have a look at Trash Hero Thailand´s website.

2. Reduce air pollution

You can reduce the impact of air pollution by renting a bicycle instead of a scooter. Koh Lanta is a relatively small island, on a daily basis you can get around by bicycle or by walking. When you need to go further, share a tuk-tuk with locals or catch a ride with a friend.

3. Buy local products

By eating and buying locally produced product you are not only support the local economy, but you know the products have not traveled far. No waste of extra packaging or air pollution!

4. Bring your own bag

Bring a backpack or an eco-bag when you go shopping, be it for clothes or for groceries. Now you can also get fashionable re-usable bags, so what´s your excuse?

5. Stop using styrofoam

Styrofoam is very bad for the environment! When you get your take-away from a local restaurant, bring your own reusable box. You can also bring your own reusable thermos when you get takeaway coffee or smoothie. Not only do you reduce the waste of plastic, but it also helps to keep your coffee warm.

6. Conserve electricity & water

Save electricity by switching off the lights, fans and air conditioning when leaving a room. Not only will it help your electricity bill but its also good for the environment! If you are in the dry season, try to conserve as much water as possible as well. If you are in the green season you can try to collect your own rain water to use!

7. Take part in local initiatives

Participate in beach cleanings, and pick up trash that you find along your way to keep your surroundings clean. On Lanta, a group of enthusiastic individuals and business owners are joining forces in an initiative to keep Lanta green and clean. If you have something to contribute with.

8. Stay in Eco-friendly resorts

Some resorts have a focus on eco-travelling, actively focusing on reducing the waste of their environment. If you are ok with reusing your hotel-towel, then this is something for you. A great example is Mook Lanta Eco resort.

9. Sort your waste

Don´t forget your good habits from home when you travel. Although it might be more challenging, try your best to recycle and ask locals how and where to sort our waste!

10. Leave no trace but footprints

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