Trip to the Emerald cave

Date Published: 2015-04-19

One of the best things with staying on a tropical island like Koh Lanta is the easy access to the sea and the many deserted islands around waiting to be discovered.

Early Sunday morning 14 digital nomads, a captain and a guide set out for a private coworking getaway to the Emerald caves (Morakot cave). The weather was beautiful, and we started the day by snorkeling around Koh Rok where we saw plenty of seargant majorfish and moorish idols while waiting for the low tide to come, so we could enter the cave. After snorkeling we were all hungry, and ate a delicious lunch prepared by our in-house chefs.

Entering the cave was a real adventure. For safety reasons we all had to wear lifejackets (even our watermelon had to wear one too). The entrance was narrow and the swim into the cave was about 80 meter long. It was very dark, and with only a small flashlight our local guide brought us safely through the cave. Seeing the light at the end of the cave, and coming out in the amazing little blue lagoon was totally worth the swim.

Coming out of the cave, the nature was beautiful and green and looking up, it almost felt like being inside a volcano. Around the beach there are many rare species of trees and plants, and an amazing beach forest full of wildlife. Historically the pirates used the cave to hide all the valuables that they had stolen before moving it to somewhere else. Unfortunately, we didn’t find any forgotten treasures!

We spent hours at the beautiful white sand beach, cooling down in the lagoon, hammocking, playing beach ball, throwing frisbee, building a human pyramid and doing other fun activities. As a side project we also helped raising awareness of the potential impact to the environment of possible coal power plant in Krabi, and gathered tourists from all over the world in a group picture to show our support to the no coal Krabi campaign.

The trip was a great success, so maybe we will make it to one of our regular day trips?

Special thanks to Florian Ziegler for letting us use his photos.

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