Walking the dogs from the Lanta animal welfare center

Date Published: 2015-10-25

kohubbers out walking the dogs at LAW

Most Kohubbers do not not only care about environmental or social challenges, but are also great animal lovers. And what’s the best way to make an animal lover happy? Right, spending time with animals! 🙂

Koh Lanta is a very good place to do that. If you didn’t know, Koh Lanta has an animal shelter: the Lanta animal welfare center. The Lanta animal welfare center is even listed as the number one activity on Koh Lanta on tripadvisor!

What do they mainly do? Their objective is to relieve the suffering and pain of the animals on the island of Koh Lanta through sterilisation and care. They mainly treat dogs and cats. And it’s even possible to adopt them as pets to your home country.

So far, so good. But the real highlight for visitors of the Lanta animal welfare center is, besides the tour through the animal shelter, the interactions with the animals: kitty cuddles and doggy walking.

And that’s what a group of KoHubbers did on the last weekend. We went to the Lanta animal welfare center to walk the dogs. Since we were six people, we could have taken out a complete pack. Except for one dog called Pumpkin, who obviously doesn’t like the lead at all. So, it was six Kohubbers with five dogs on their way. The Lanta animal welfare center gave us a bag per dog with water, bowl and small plastic bags to clean up after the dogs. And one map with three different possible routes. We decided to go for the river walk, because it included letting the dogs bath in the river. Unfortunately, we didn’t find the spot for the bath…or maybe the river just didn’t had enough water. Who knows, but we might give it another go somewhen else. 🙂

walking the dogs at lanta animal welfare center

We had quite a good time during our walk and would highly recommend everyone to visit the Lanta animal welfare center!

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